Tornado Pilot Monitoring and Auto-Relight (TPMR) System

The Tornado Pilot Monitoring and Auto-Relight (TPMR) System is the most reliable ignition system for flare stacks.

The TPMR System consists of a continuous pilot and a self-contained relight system, with very low fuel consumption (25 SCFH). The assembly is fully retractable to grade for easy inspection and servicing without the need for ladders, platforms, pickers or cranes.

The system also incorporates a gas train that is designed with safety at the forefront and ensures that the permitting and commissioning process is as seamless as possible.

Tornado pilots are wind-proof, fuel-efficient, and resistant to the most corrosive conditions.

The premixed pilot produces an intense blue flame that will stay lit under the most extreme weather conditions, using a thermocouple to monitor pilot status. Should the pilot flame extinguish, the monitored temperature drop triggers the relight system to activate. A solenoid valve opens, and creates an oxidized fuel supply mixture by means of a venturi. A spark ignites the mixture, sending a flame front up the stainless steel shot tube and into the pilot head. The action is repeated until the pilot re-ignites, and the thermocouple signal confirms the presence of a continuous flame. If the pilot cannot relight after 10 minutes (adjustable), the relight system will trip a set of alarm contacts to alert the operator of the issue.

The system will operate with voltages of 120 VAC, 24 VDC or 12 VDC (solar).