Detonation Arrestors in Western Canada

Do you need safe and effective detonation arrestors in the Calgary area? At Tornado, our detonation arrestors are the best solution to prevent the propagation of flame fronts back through lines and piping configurations (also known as a flashback).

This flashback protection uses our patented flame cell design with a stacked plate grid and alumina ceramic bead pack to prevent flame propagation across the arrestor element. Typically, a detonation flame arrestor is used if the arrestor is to be installed farther than 10 feet from the source of ignition.

Versatile and Effective Detonation Arrestors in Calgary

Tornado's detonation arrestors (DA’s) can be installed vertically, horizontally or at any angle in the line and are available inline connection sizes ranging from 2-inch through 24-inch.

The entire detonation arrestor flame cell is removable, allowing it to be cleaned and factory-reconditioned multiple times. A routine maintenance program means no expensive replacement elements are required, translating into thousands of dollars in cost savings and instantly restoring original pressure drops.

Smaller detonation arrestors are kept in stock and available on short notice (2, 3 & 4-inch). Detonation arrestors for larger line sizes and specific applications are fabricated on demand.

A Wide Range of Uses

Tornado's typical detonation flame arrestors are designed for Class C & Class D vapours; however, hydrogen detonation arrestors are also available where Class B vapours are of concern.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is widely recognized as the primary regulatory body that approves detonation arrestor testing. Our detonation arrestors have been tested, approved and certified by the USCG to provide up to two hours of endurance burn protection and flashback protection for the ultimate in safety.

Learn more about how our detonation arrestors can make a difference in your business when you get in touch with us at Tornado today.