Tornado Electric Ignition System (TEIS)

The Tornado Electric Ignition System (TEIS) is a cost-effective alternative to the pilot monitoring system that can be used for sweet gas applications where fuel gas or propane supply is not available.

The TEIS system uses a timer to initiate a series of high voltage sparks every 40 seconds in operation. 

Often sparking systems have problems with fouling due to carbon build-up at the sparking site, eventually closing the spark gap and requiring frequent servicing. Tornado's patented TEIS system combats this issue through the use of a floating electrode which moves back and forth while maintaining a constant spark gap. The continuous movement prevents excessive carbon build-up and has been found to reduce servicing intervals.

The TEIS system does not consume fuel gas and will operate with voltages of 120 VAC, 24 VDC or 12 VDC (solar). The assembly is fully retractable to grade for easy inspection and servicing without the need for ladders, platforms, pickers or cranes.