Sonic Flares in Western Canada

For sonic flare stacks in Calgary that always provide you with the results you need, you can count on our team at Tornado. Our sonic flare stacks make use of available high pressures in the waste gas to create turbulence, thereby enhancing the combustion process in high-volume flaring projects.

The sonic flare produces minimal radiation, with the end result being a more economical, shorter flare height.

Benefits of Sonic Flares

Some of the benefits of sonic flare stacks for companies in the Calgary area include:

  • Smokeless combustion to lessen the environmental impact
  • Shorter flame length
  • Higher destruction rate
  • A reduction in the amount of ground-level radiation
  • Longer flare tip life

An Ideal Solution for Industrial Settings in Alberta

When you use a sonic flare in an industrial setting, pressure applied to the exiting gas will increase the speed of the gas to near sonic velocities, which moves far faster than the stagnant air around it, thereby drawing a considerable amount of oxygen into the stream. The combination of an extremely high energy stream and drawn oxygen creates an efficient combustion process, producing a very lean flame as compared to those on utility flares with similar flows.

For more information about how our sonic flare stacks can take your operation to the next level, get in touch with us at Tornado today.