High-Quality Flame Arrestors in Calgary

Are you looking for the highest-quality flame arrestors in Western Canada? At Tornado, our deflagration flame arrestors utilize a stainless-steel crimped ribbon element to prevent flame propagation across the arrestor element in low-pressure situations.

Flame arrestors (FAs) are an economical solution for preventing flame front propagation back through lines and piping configurations. We offer custom sizes and configurations to match any application.

Playing a Crucial Role to Protect Your People

Flame arrestors play an important role when it comes to preventing accidents and protecting personnel in industries that deal with flammable materials. The construction of our flame arrestors allows for suitable deflagration and reduces pressure buildup caused by the combustion process that could lead to explosions.

An Ideal Solution for Companies in Western Canada

Suitable for either end-of-line or in-line installation, flame arrestors are an ideal solution when installation within 10 feet of the ignition source is possible or where maintenance activities may be limited.

Tornado's FAs are equipped with a removable element to assist with a quick turnaround. In addition, we also offer flame arrestors for tanks. An end-of-line cap is available should the arrestor be installed on a tank vent or similar application.

For more information about our flame arrestors and how they can help your company, reach out to our team at Tornado today.