Products & Services


We design the world’s best flare systems. Each project is custom-designed to make environmental and economic sense for our customers.

Ignition Systems

Even with variable flow rates and H2S environments, our custom-designed systems ensure positive ignition. Customer feedback has paved the way for patented design innovations including Tornado gas strippers, pilot shrouds, and retractable pilot & ignition systems.


Any ignition source creates an explosive opportunity for flame fronts to propagate back through lines, destroying facilities and causing injuries. An arrestor is a passive safety device designed to disperse any flame front, release its energy, and cool it to below the ignition point of that vapor.

Enclosed Combustion

Enclosed combustion provides several advantages over traditional flaring. Just a few of these advantages include a greater degree of combustion efficiency, no flame visibility, and the elimination of odor concerns.

Engineering Support

Tornado offers engineering support for combustion equipment within the oil and gas, pulp and paper, refinery and petrochemical industries worldwide from its head office in Alberta, Canada.

Our products work the first time and the thousandth time.

Tornado provides customized engineered solutions through the design and sale of equipment. Careful assessment of the application is performed on every request and the industry has come to understand that Tornado's approach is second to none. It has become more evident than ever that the industry is in need of innovators who are capable of understanding core concepts and applying this knowledge to develop a complete solution.

Above everything else, Tornado delivers one thing ……….Confidence.