Our History

Humble beginnings in 1984.

Tornado Combustion Technologies Inc., began as a thought from an oilfield operator in Stettler, Alberta, who recognized that much of the equipment he was working with every day lacked reliability. With a goal of improved reliability and performance, he set to work on developing enhanced products. One of the first paying jobs was the supply of an ignition system for an existing 6" x 90' tall flare stack and the rest, as they say, is history. To this day, Tornado employees know that improvement is always imaginable, and through collaborative team effort, there is no limit to the possibilities.

Interest in Tornado's products, their reliability and our capabilities grew and in 1996 (twelve years after that very first sale), Tornado opened an office in the Houston, Texas Area (Alleyton, Texas) where ultimately the potential to fabricate goods locally for the US market was established to better serve Tornado's US clients.

We have continued to grow and so has the range of our innovative products.

From our flare ignition systems that have been designed to be completely retractable to grade, allowing for easy maintenance and troubleshooting, to our US Coast Guard Certified Detonation Arrestors, we have continued to work diligently to improve reliability and performance.

In 2006, Tornado was sold to a larger organization, and then in 2009, the combustion division of Tornado was purchased by Canerector. Refocused on the products that made Tornado an industry-recognized name, the combustion group continued with the task set out so many years ago to perpetually improve reliability and performance.

More years passed and Tornado continued to grow and so did the range of innovative products for applications within and beyond the Oil and Gas industry.

2011 and 2012 were big years for Tornado.

2011 and 2012 were big years for Tornado with new offices being built in both Canada and the US. Both facilities are state of the art with abundant overhead lighting and excellent lifting capacity. The new Canadian office also houses corporate administration, product design, engineering, and project management. Through the test of time Tornado has stuck true to its humble roots by maintaining a manufacturing facility in Gadsby, Alberta which makes Tornado central to Alberta Oil and Gas end users.

With a total manufacturing area of 50,000 square feet across four facilities, Tornado has supplied over 12,000 oil and gas waste combustion systems that have been installed worldwide. We look forward to the future of oil and gas with the knowledge that this great industry will always be innovative as long as there are people willing to revolutionize.


We are innovators who develop a complete solution.

Tornado provides customized engineered solutions through the design and sale of equipment. Careful assessment of the application is performed on every request, and the industry has come to understand that Tornado's approach is second to none. It has become more evident than ever that the industry needs innovators capable of understanding core concepts and applying this knowledge to develop a complete solution.

Above everything else, Tornado delivers one thing ...CONFIDENCE.