Enclosed Combustion

Enclosed Ground Flares

In applications where there are no immediate safety concerns regarding the combustion of waste gas, but there is still a desire to hide visible flame and reduce odour concerns, Tornado can offer an enclosed ground flare.

Custom Burners

Tornado has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and retrofitting burners in a variety of applications.

Thermal Oxidizers

Incinerators / Thermal Oxidizers are the ultimate combustion system for disposing of hydrocarbons (including BTEX’s) and sulfur compounds. Designed with precise calculations, Tornado’s innovative systems achieve in excess of 99.99% combustion efficiency based on site-specificgas flows, compositions, pressures and temperature.

What are the advantages of enclosed combustion vs. traditional flaring?

  • Greater degree of combustion efficiency
  • Destruction of BTEX’s
  • Can handle heavier gases
  • Eliminate odor concerns
  • No flame visibility
  • Reduced fuel gas consumption
  • No radiation at ground level
  • Low space requirements
  • Low operator attention
  • Peace of mind