Flame Arrestors

Tornado's flame (Deflagration) arrestors utilize a stainless steel crimped ribbon element to prevent flame propagation across the arrestor element in low-pressure situations.

Air Flash Cells

Tornado manufactures combustion air flash cells (also known as firebox flame arrestors) from either aluminum or 304L stainless steel.

Detonation Arrestors

Tornado's detonation arrestors are the best solution to prevent the propagation of flame fronts back through lines and piping configurations (also known as a flashback).

The ultimate last line of defense against flashbacks!

Any ignition source, such as a flare or incinerator, creates an explosive opportunity for flame fronts to propagate back through lines, destroying facilities and causing injuries. An arrestor is a passive safety device designed to disperse any flame front, release its energy, and cool it to below the ignition point of that vapor.