Incinerators / Thermal Oxidizers

Incinerators / Thermal Oxidizers are the ultimate combustion system for disposing of hydrocarbons (including BTEX's) and sulfur compounds.

Tornado's custom-designed incinerators provide the most robust solution when it comes to ensuring destruction removal efficiencies (DRE) in excess of 99.99% based on site-specific gas flows, compositions, pressures and temperature. In applications with extremely sour or potentially toxic or carcinogenic waste gas streams, Tornado's incinerators offer operators peace of mind in a manner that no other combustion appliance is able to.

With the use of a configurable and programmable PLC-based burner management system, operator attention is reduced while delivering consistent and reliable performance regardless of varying process conditions. A standard incinerator package purchased from Tornado incorporates a CSA B149.3-2020 compliant gas train that is designed with safety at the forefront and ensures that the permitting and commissioning process is as seamless as possible.

Eliminates the concerns of traditional flaring.

In addition to providing optimal combustion efficiency, Tornado's incinerators also deliver a solution that eliminates many of the concerns commonly associated with traditional flaring. With no visible flame, ground-level radiation or odour concerns, customers can be sure they will not be disappointed with the installation of a Tornado incinerator package.

Tornado's incinerators offer operator peace of mind in a manner that no other combustion appliance is able to.