Velocity Seal (Purge Reducer)

Reducing costs for the safe operation of the flare.

In flare stacks that have little to no process flow, there is a potential that air can enter the flare tip and work its way down the stack into the flare header. A slow release of process gas can result in a combustible mixture of air and gas, developing a potentially explosive mixture that can be ignited by the flare stack ignition system and cause severe equipment damage. Purge gas can be used to prevent air impingement in such cases.

Tornado can offer the Velocity Seal (Purge Reducer) to reduce the amount of purge gas required for the safe operation of the flare, thus reducing operational costs. Estimated fuel gas consumption reduction through the use of a Velocity Seal is up to 92%.

The Tornado Velocity Seal (Purge Reducer) can be installed in existing flare stack tips by a local welding services provider. They are available in weld-in or flanged configurations.