Gas-Assisted Flares

Tornado's High Pressure or Low Pressure gas-assisted flare stack designs can eliminate smoke (HP Gas-Assist) or sour gas odours (LP Gas-Assist) on site.

These designs can also be used to ensure efficient combustion in the most challenging of weather conditions.

The HP gas-assist design is primarily used to eliminate smoke during flaring of high heating value high carbon waste gas flaring conditions. The design uses a manifold installed at the flare tip, with high-pressure fuel injection nozzles which increase turbulence, ensuring mixing and air injection. This system is by order of magnitudes more fuel-efficient than simply diluting a waste gas stream with fuel gas.

The LP gas-assist design utilizes a ring burner surrounding the flare tip, creating a flame curtain through which the waste gas must travel. This flame curtain will provide a secondary means of combustion, eliminating particles such as H2S that may have been missed during the pilot-initiated combustion process due to extreme wind conditions. The assured conversion of H2S greatly reduces sour odours at and around the facility.