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What is an incinerator?

An incinerator or thermal oxidizer provides the ultimate in destruction efficiency. An incinerator is a fired appliance used to oxidize potentially dangerous hydrocarbons (including BTEX’s) and sulfur compounds from oil and gas production processes. Designed with precise calculations, incinerators achieve in excess of 99.9% Destruction Removal Efficiency (DRE). An incinerator uses an active control system to ensure that the design parameters affecting efficiency and equipment safe operation are maintained at all times during its operation.

What are the benefits of incinerators over flare systems?

A flare stack’s combustion efficiency is dependent upon external environmental influences, while an incinerator maintains 99.9% combustion efficiency at all times. Other benefits include:

  • Destruction of BTEX’s and hazardous gases
  • Can handle heavier gases
  • Eliminate odour concerns
  • No flame visibility
  • Reduced fuel costs vs. flaring
  • No radiation at ground level
  • Low space requirements
  • Minimal operator attention
  • Peace of mind

In certain applications, incinerators make a dramatic reduction in environmental impact over flares.

All Tornado incinerators are designed to meet the following requirements:


  • Provides in excess of 99.9% combustion efficiency of the waste gas flow cases being incinerated
  • Hides visible flames from view
  • Provides stable and safe operation
  • Does not emit smoke during operation
  • Has no ground level radiation

What applications are incinerators used for?

Tornado’s industry-leading design team have designed and manufactured incinerators to oxidize most hydrocarbon and sulfur streams normally encountered in the oil and gas industry, for all type of gaseous flow rates, including:

Still-Off Gas

Acid Gas

Tail Gas

Bio Gas

Industrial Fumes

Solution Gas

Our designers pioneered the first dehydrator still-off gas incinerator (SOGI) more than 20 years ago. The same unit still operates in the field today.

How can Tornado assist me?

Trust Tornado’s experienced design team to guide you through your next combustion project. We guarantee full parameter control to meet the most stringent air quality regulations, and we deliver peace of mind through ease of use. Tornado incinerators guarantee in excess of 99.9% combustion efficiency based on your site-specific gas flows, compositions, pressures and temperature.

Burner Management Systems

All Tornado incinerators are equipped with several lifetime’s accumulated knowledge of effective burner management systems. These include:

  • Superior temperature and process controls
  • Recording features
  • CGA/CSA Compliant Gas Trains (if required)
  • CSA Compliant Control Panels, Area Classification (per requirements)
  • Standard Panel is relay logic based; digital PLC logic as required by process demands

Refractory Options

Depending on the application, Tornado will install the correct refractory lining system to the shell interior to ensure longevity of your asset.

Castable refractory
best used for continuous combustion

Ceramic fiber blanket refractory
best used for intermittent combustion