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Fluid Knockouts

What is an FKO?

An FKO (fluid knockout) is a low-pressure separator used on a vent line to remove liquids from a waste gas stream prior to being flared or incinerated. This can prevent water from freezing in the flare stack riser or liquid carryover from being sprayed over immediate area (burning rain).

Alberta – All combustion systems in Alberta require a fluid knockout as per AEUB Directive 060.

Tornado can build or source a variety of code or non-code vessels to suit your unique field requirements. The main two groups are as follows:

  • ASME Code FKO (50 psig registered design):

    These do not require secondary containment, Tornado can source these from one of our qualified vendors

  • Non-Code FKO (14.7 psig non-registered design):

    These require secondary containment, and are designed and built at our shop in Gadsby, AB


Integral flare knockout

Above ground KO with 110% containment

Above ground KO with a heated shelter

Underground double-walled KO

Underground double-walled KO with above ground shelter