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Flare Systems

What is a Flare Stack?

A flare stack refers to an elevated vertical stack used for burning off unusable waste gas in a variety of oil and gas production applications. Waste gases are either uneconomical to recover/retain, or released during planned or unplanned over-pressuring of plant equipment. Waste gases are released to the flare via piping (flare header) and burned as they exit the flare stack.

What makes a Flare System properly designed?

  1. To maintain a stable flame during operation. An unstable flame can either blow-off or ingress back into the flare tip;
  2. To ensure the flame is high enough to limit operators’ ground-level exposure to thermal radiation, emissions or noise;
  3. To comply with all the requirements from the customer’s and regional regulatory bodies. The standard Tornado Technologies Flare complies with the following Standards/Guidelines where applicable:
    • Flare Design Guidelines
      • API 521
      • API 537
    • Construction Guidelines
      • ASME B31.1
      • API 537
    • Environmental Regulations
      • 40CFR60
      • AER Directive 060
    • Structural Standards
      • ANSI/ASC 7-88, &-97 & 7-98
      • NBC Canadian

What are the primary Flare Design Parameters?

Overall flare height and internal tip diameters (the main construction considerations) are directly affected by the following design parameters:

  • Radiation Limits
  • Ground Level Concentration Limits
  • Noise Limits
  • Structural stability
  • Chemical Composition of Waste Gas
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Allowable Pressure Drop
  • Exit Velocity of Waste Gas

How do I choose the right Flare?

To fully understand your application, the following questions should be considered:

  1. What is the flow rate of the gas that is to be combusted?
  2. Will this flow be present at all times?
  3. What are the utilities present onsite?
  4. Does the flare need to be smokeless?
  5. How combustible is the gas that is to be flared?
  6. Is the gas to be flared dangerous (acidic or toxic)?
  7. Will the gas composition smoke?
  8. What are the regulations that need to be adhered to in the flare’s design?

Is there an easy way to collect this information?

Yes. Click here to download Tornado’s Flare Design Specification Sheet.

This form will take you through a detailed step-by-step process allowing our Combustion Design Team to identify which type of flare you require, or to establish what other questions we need answered. We’re here to help. 7,000 flare stacks worldwide has taught us most everything you don’t need to know. Leave the worrying to us.