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Enclosed Burners

What is an enclosed burner?

Enclosed burners are a cost effective alternative to full-blown incinerators, primarily used in applications where the potential for complaints exist from the surrounding community. They can handle a wide range of process conditions, turndowns, and even entrained condensates. Enclosed burners have two main advantages over conventional flares:

  1. They hide any visible flame from plain sight
  2. They minimize noise produced in the combustion process

What's the main difference between an enclosed burner and an incinerator?


An enclosed burner is not equipped with full temperature or process controls as found in an incinerator. Without a fuel gas system to control the stack top temperature, there is no mechanism to maintain the temperature in the fire appliance. The choice essentially comes down to the client’s economic factors (capital, long-term operating costs) and safety concerns.

Which applications are best suited to an enclosed burner

Tornado’s TEC series burners are primarily designed for applications with less than 1% H2S, where large volumes of waste gas need to be burned in either continuous, intermittent flow, or emergency shutdown conditions and the flame needs to be concealed. They achieve a high destruction efficiency (99.9%) without full temperature or process controls, which ultimately saves clients money.


The most common applications include:

  • Solution gas disposal
  • Plant emergency shut downs (ESD)
  • CBM well testing
  • Tank vapour disposal
  • Pigging station flaring
  • Fugitive emissions odour control

Colorado TEC-4 Project

Working with Noble Energy near Denver, Colorado, Tornado was asked to solve an ongoing problem involving fired tank vent burners. The unlined units they had were being overheated and causing performance and safety issues. They were also faced with extremely low pressures (less than 1psig) and high site elevations where the combustion process is uniquely compromised.

Tornado engineers designed a prototype enclosed burner to handle the low pressure and elevation while successfully handling their flow conditions. Using proprietary knowledge, we designed a unit with a very high (virtually infinite) turndown with control of three different combustion zones. Below Zone 1 shuts down and allows pressure to build to a set point before auto-activation.

Over 450 units have been successfully installed for one client. Most important, our barrels are refractory lined (ceramic fibre blanket) and do not jeopardize the safety of personnel and facility. Nor do they become a consumable.

Could the TEC-4 enclosed burners be a solution in your area?

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