Tornado Technologies Inc

Flame Arrestors

Crimped ribbon flame cell disperses the flame front’s energy

Flame arresters work by providing a large surface area in which to extract enough energy from a flame front, to quench the flame prior to exiting the flame arrester.

Tornado flame arrestors utilize a crimped ribbon aluminum or stainless steel flame cell to protect against rapid burn backs in low-pressure situations. Custom sizes and configurations can match any application.

Flame Arresters should be placed as close as possible to a potential ignition source and no further than 10 feet from a potential ignition source. By placing them as close as possible, this ensures that the Flame Arrester is not exposed to a detonation event which the flame arrester has never been intended to stop.

Tornado Flame Suppression System (TFSS) – Option

Flame Arrestors can be installed in various configurations for many unique applications. To ensure the ultimate level of safety for all set-ups, Tornado recommends complimenting your system with the Tornado Flame Suppression System (TFSS). When used in conjunction with the Tornado Detonation or Flame Arrestor, your facility will be equipped with the safest lasting protection system available.

  • Sensors detect temperature rise
  • A flood of gas or nitrogen supply is injected into the arrestor
  • Instantly smothers the internal flame

In effect, the flame or detonation arrestor halts the initial flame front, and the TFSS kills it. Tornado's TFSS can be adapted to fit all detonation or deflagration flame arrestors. One style fits all Tornado models.